A world-class fishing fleet delivers the reliability of supply and quality of product that Tri Marine customers have come to expect.

Picture of Solomon Emerald


Established in 1977 as a government enterprises, National Fisheries Developments Ltd (NFD) is now a successful private fishing company owned by Tri Marine. With five purse seine fishing vessels and three pole and line vessels, NFD catches around 25,000 metric tons of tuna per year, supplied to local cannery SolTuna and overseas buyers. The fleet employs approximately 300 people and is a major contributor to the Solomon Islands economy. Each vessel is MSC and Fair Trade certified.

Solomon Islands fleet
Solomon Emerald Solomon Jade
Solomon Ruby Soltai 101
Solomon Pearl Soltai 105
Solomon Opal Solomon Hunter
Picture of Charo


The Garavilla fleet is comprised of four large-scale purse seiners, two Spanish and two Ecuadorian flagged vessels, that operate in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The fleet employs more than 180 workers and catches approximately 20,000 metric tons of tuna each year. Each vessel is APR certified and awaiting MSC certification.

Charo Rosita C
Aurora B San Andrés
Picture of Via Alizé

Via Ocean

Via Ocean fleet is composed of three French flagged purse seine vessels that operate in the Atlantic Ocean. The Via Alizé is their latest addition: a 67 meter long purse seiner with a storage capacity of 1,200 m3, it allows freezing and storage of fish at -18°C. The vessel is equipped with the latest navigation and fishing technology. The new Wärtsilä engine allows reduced fuel consumption and reduced noise pollution in crew cabins. Comfort in the cabins was increased and an internet connection accessible by all crew members was installed.

Via Alizé Via Mistral
Via Avenir