Happy Earth Day 2021

    This year’s Earth Day theme is “Restore our Earth”. 70% of our Earth’s surface is covered by our Oceans and for us at Tri Marine the restoration of the marine environment is a year-round project. We are working collaboratively with purse seine fishermen to reduce pollution in our world’s oceans by developing ecological Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). Conventional FADs are primarily made from synthetic material. Over 400 “EcoFADs” made from biodegradable balsa wood and Manila hemp have been tested. The designs are promising, with over 32 successful sets made resulting in catch exceeding 1000 metric tons in early trials. Fishing vessels including Tri Marine suppliers participating in the TUNACONS fisheries improvement project have committed to using at least 20% ecoFADs beginning in 2021. One step at a time we are working toward a fully sustainable future.

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