Open tuna can and fork

TriMarine Solutions for Processing Plants

Tri Marine helps you get the best return on your plant capacity.

The Goal

Optimize value

The key to increased profits, today, is to manage fishing risk so that you can focus on what you do best – brand management.

The Challenge

Reduce uncertainty

  • Reliable supply of raw material
    Without raw material, a tuna plant can produce nothing.

  • Demand for market orders
    Without market orders, the plant can only produce for inventory, a risky practice in today’s tuna business.

The Advantage

Meet supply and demand needs

Tri Marine can help your plant manage the vagaries of tuna supply and market demand.

  • Tri Marine is a strategic supplier of tuna products to major brands of tuna.
  • Tri Marine supplies the raw material needed for the production of these tuna products.
  • These products are produced in cost efficient, well managed plants, like yours, that work preferentially or exclusively with Tri Marine.
  • Plants that are located near productive fishing grounds can receive tuna directly from Tri Marine's owned or contract fishing boats.

Our Solution for Your Processing Plant

Mazimize return on investment

Supply and production agreements provide for reliable raw material supply and market orders from Tri Marine to help you get the best return on your plant capacity.


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