Tri Marine Solutions Overview

Tri Marine offers industry best practices, combining expertise, resources and experience in a worldwide network that spans the breadth of the industry.


Tri Marine has contracts to supply major tuna retail brands, on a routine basis, with raw fish and loins for their business needs.  Tri Marine's supply chains are traceable and transparent to our customers as well as flexible in delivering tuna products from alternative locations around the globe as supplies and needs change.  Learn More

Processing Plants

Tri Marine operates its own processing plants in several countries, and has contracts with independent plants, to produce finished goods for the consumer market, in accordance with requested specifications.  Learn More

Fishing Boat Owners

Tri Marine is affiliated with the Cape Fleet of US flag tuna vessels, which is separately owned and operated, and some of its subsidiaries own and operate fishing vessels in other countries.  In addition, Tri Marine contracts with independent vessels for the purchase of fish for sale to its customers.  As a result, vessel operation information is available to Tri Marine that can assist in determining efficient solutions for harvesting and delivering fish to global tuna markets.  Learn More


We have specific interest in working cooperatively with governments, scientists, industry associations, NGO's and regulatory authorities to make sure that the world's tuna resources are being properly managed for long term sustainability.  Learn More


To get more information about industry-specific solutions, please contact a Tri Marine expert. You can also contact one of our offices worldwide.