Open tuna can and fork

TriMarine Solutions for Brands

You can focus on promoting your brand – confident in the quality and reliability of your tuna supply.

The Goal

Maximize the brand

The key to increased profits, today, is to manage fishing risk so that you can focus on what you do best – brand management.

The Challenge

Increase marketing support while reducing costs

  • The trade wants lower price points and a high level of marketing support.
    Optimum financial performance does not allow major brands the luxury of investment in fishing fleets and processing plants. Tuna brands are no longer rewarded for vertically integrating their business model. The financial markets simply have little tolerance for brands with balance sheets heavy with fixed assets and inventories, or for earnings made volatile by the vagaries of fishing.

  • Costs must be reduced but without compromising quality and reliability.
    Competition from private labels is severe. Increasingly, your brand is faced with the challenge of having to protect its presence on the supermarket shelf. And yet, working capital for inventories is increasingly limited with little, if any, capital for maintaining plants and fishing resources

The Advantage

Manage risk

Tri Marine can help your brand manage the inescapable risk of fishing.

  • Tri Marine owned and controlled processing plants are strategically located near the major tuna fishing grounds for production of cooked loins and finished products.
  • Owned and contract fishing boats supply of raw material to these plants.
  • Tri Marine's global team of commercial, production planning, quality assurance, logistics and financial professionals manage the supply chain from these plants to the distribution centers of the major tuna brands.

Our Solution for Your Brand

Reliable supply

Supply agreements with Tri Marine provide your brand with the global network of cost competitive fishing resources and processing plants that you need in order to reduce overhead, lower costs and maintain supply in a competitive market.


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