Tuna can and fork

TriMarine Solutions for Fishing Boat Owners

Tri Marine gives you access to all major tuna markets while affording your boat more time spent fishing.

The Goal

Increase profit

As a fisherman, you want the best possible price for your catch. You want to unload quickly and to be paid promptly – with minimum deductions for rejects.

The Challenge

Find the best price without losing time

  • Long trips can eat up proceeds.
    There are few businesses today that quite compare with the risks and rewards of tuna fishing. The boats literally hunt a wild animal, often in the high seas, beyond any country's territorial waters. A good catch can mean quick riches. On the other hand, the fish proceeds from a long trip may not even pay for the cost of fuel.

  • Market research can eat up valuable time.
    The global market for tuna is becoming more and more transparent. There are only a few major markets for tuna raw material and the market price is usually widely known. You, as an independent boat owner, can no longer afford to spend long hours of his precious time trying to understand market conditions and negotiate the best market price with buyers for his catch.

The Advantage

Maximize price while managing time

As a major boatowner itself, Tri Marine understands the challenges of fishing vessel operation and ownership. We make every effort to provide you with the quickest turnarounds, and make payment as soon as the unloading has been completed. We can do this because:

  • Tri Marine is active in all major markets for tuna.
  • Tri Marine buys fish that is directly delivered to the plants located near the fishing grounds as well as fish that is transshipped to refrigerated carriers.
  • Transshipped fish can be delivered to nearby markets or, when there are imbalances in the market, the best price to you, the baot owner, may be achieved by sending the fish to distant “alternative” markets.

Our Solution for Your Fishing Boat

Readily achieve broad market access

Fishing agreements with Tri Marine give you access to all major tuna markets while affording your boat more time spent fishing.


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