White Papers

  • Analysis

    • The Westpac Tuna Industry Needs Non Member State Reefer Carriers

      Postion paper from Tri Marine opposing the Western and Central Tuna Commission effort to ban reefer carriers from the convention area if they are not flagged in one of the member countries of the convention.
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      Western and Central Pacific Purse Seine Capacity

      Phil Roberts, Director of Operations, Tri Marine International, December 2005.
      If the growth of genuine domestic fleets is accompanied by strict capacity controls, the result will be a more sustainable resource, better market conditions, and increased returns to all stakeholders.
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      A Survey of Purse Seine Fishing Capacity in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean

      by Robert Gillett and Antony Lewis, September 2003
      Analysis of the carrying capacity for purse seiners in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Convention (WCPFC).
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      The Western Central Pacific Purse Seine Fishery - Strategic issues

      by Phil Roberts, Tri Marine
      The biological and economic integrity of the Western Central Pacific fishery must be secured, and its value enhanced.
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      An Analysis of the Fishing Capacity of the Global Tuna Purse Seine Fleet

      by Chris Reid, James E. Kirkley, Dale Squires, Jun Ye -2003
      This paper presents the results of the DEA of global purse seine fishing capacity which is conducted at the regional level.
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      Past Developments and Future Options for Managing Tuna Fishing Capacity - Purse-seine Fleets

      James Joseph - 2003
      Analysis and recommendations on tuna fishery management issues
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  • Data

    • Tuna catch statistics 1976 - 2002

      FAO compiled historical tuna catch statistics 1976 - 2002
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  • Interviews and Speechs

    • Renato Curto in ANAFCO's Industria Conservera

      TriMarine President, Renato Curto interviewed by Industria Conservera on 10/2001
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  • Sustainability

    • Tri Marine Policy Regarding Full Retention of All Tuna Caught

      As a founding and active member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), Tri Marine is committed to maintaining full compliance with all ISSF resolutions. Resolution 14-03.D, "Tuna Stock Health" outlines the requirement for full retention of tunas on board purse seine vessels.
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      TMI ProActive Vessel Register Program

      Improvements in both responsible and sustainable fishing practices is a top priority for both retailers and consumers around the world, and Tri Marine’s internal PVR policy is another step forward in ensuring consumer confidence by means of thorough and transparent monitoring procedures. The official PVR policy can be viewed here. Feb 2014.
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      Policy Regarding Shark Finning

      As a responsible member of the fishing community, Tri Marine is fully supportive of RFMO management measures and the conservation of marine life, and joins in condemning the practice of shark finning. April 2012.
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