Wrapped skipjack loins

Cooked Loins - Yellowfin and SkipJack

Tri Marine is the leading supplier of frozen cooked and clean tuna loins to the tuna industry.

Cooked Loins

Beautiful yellowfin loins Loin products include skipjack, bigeye and yellowfin, both single and double cleaned, depending on the customer's precise needs and specifications.

Origin and Market

yellowfin processing line The majority of Tri Marine loin products are produced in countries having duty free access to user markets using fish meeting the required rules of origin.

Product Types

Product Photos Species Product type
  Skipjack loins Single cleaning with 5% flakes 10% flakes Flakes, only
  Yellowfin loins Single cleaning with 5% flakes 10% flakes Double cleaning,
no flakes

Skipjack Loins

Skipjack loins in 12 lb cryovac bag for US market.

Loins passing through metal detector.

Loins passing to freezing tunnel

7.4 kg Master Carton of Skipjack Loins for EU market

Yellow Fin Loins

Yellowfin loin — without flakes.

Yellowfin loins before bagging and vacuum packing.

Yellowfin loin after vacuum packing.

Yellowfin loins passing through metal detector.


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