Hauling tuna out of a cargo hold

Tri Marine Raw Material - Light Meat

Tri Marine is a major supplier of raw tuna to brands and processors around the globe.

Skipjack and Yellowfin

Unloading tuna on to dock 1Light meat usually refers to skipjack and yellowfin tuna, although it can include bigeye and bluefin tuna.

Tri Marine is a major producer and trader of light meat for processing (making loins) and for the Japanese katsuobushi market.

Origin and Market

Unloading tuna on to dock 2 Tri Marine supplies tuna raw material to the largest tuna packing companies in the world. Fish is delivered directly to the canneries by fishing boats and by refrigerated carriers which collect the tuna from the fishing vessels in ports near the fishing grounds.

Tri Marine contracted and affiliated purse seiners can be found fishing for skipjack and yellowfin in the Eastern Tropical Pacific off the west coast of Latin American, the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

This diversity of fishing grounds reduces the risk of interruption in supply due to temporary shortages caused by the vagaries of fishing.


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