Tri Marine Operations Overview

Tri Marine has a global network of commercial offices, fishing boats, processing plants and refrigerated carriers. Our processing operations are located at or near productive fishing grounds. Many of these plants have special duty free access to major tuna markets.

By combining these operating assets with proven management and financial strength, Tri Marine has become a highly reliable source of supply for some of the world's leading brands of tuna products.

Fishing Boats

Seiner Tri Marine is affiliated with 14 purse seiners and 4 pole and line vessels operating under U.S. and Solomon Island flags.

In addition to these affiliated boats, Tri Marine has ongoing contracts of supply with other major fishing fleets.


Reefer carrier loading tuna Tri Marine's refrigerated carriers (reefers) help fishing boats to be more efficient, allowing them to remain close to the best fishing grounds.

The carriers have capacity for delivering fuel, bait and provisions to the fishing fleet. For tuna processors, carrier transshipment helps extend the reach of their procurement operations.

Processing Plants

Workers on the processing line Tri Marine owns, operates or controls processing plants strategically located to provide product to brands around the world.


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