Tri Marine Makes New Investments in Solomon Islands Community

Facility improvements and supplies for Noro High School and Helena Goldie Hospital boost local educational opportunities and quality of life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 2, 2015

SOLOMON ISLANDS – As part of its commitment to the people of Solomon Islands, Tri Marine, Bolton Group and the Curto Family Trust recently celebrated the completion of a new multi-purpose auditorium and a block of classrooms at Noro Community High School.

“On behalf of the students, the staff, their parents and guardians, and the community, allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity,” said Nelson Boso, chairman of the school. “This multi-purpose auditorium will be used not only by the school but by the entire community.”

“Tri Marine is privileged to be a part of the Solomon Islands community and to invest in its long-term success,” said Renato Curto, CEO of Tri Marine and chairman of the Curto Family Trust. “We are committed to giving back to the community through investments in education, health care and other local assets that make lasting improvements in the quality of life and expand future opportunities in the Islands.”

A plaque was dedicated at a community ceremony this week featuring a quote from Curto:

“Education is the key to opportunity, the secret of success and the heart of understanding. If you want to make a mark in this world, start with a book and an open mind.”

Tri Marine and Bolton supported the construction of the auditorium while the Curto Family Trust funded the new classrooms and a new ablution block. The gifts are part of a broader community investment that also includes the donation of supplies for the school and Helena Goldie Hospital in nearby Munda.

As the parent company of local island businesses, National Fisheries Developments (NFD) and SolTuna, Tri Marine has a long history of supporting education in the region. The company helped repair the Noro School following the devastating earthquake of 2007 and built a new computer room. It has also invested in repairs and supplies at Goldie College. 

SolTuna’s Managing Director Adrian Wickham attended the dedication ceremony. “As the country’s largest private employer, we have an opportunity to impact a great many lives. The investments we are making will pay great dividends to the country and its people,” Wickham said.

The company has also supported the local community with donations of sports equipment and funding for construction and renovation projects at the St. Eusebius Catholic Church in Noro. Additional investments in Noro Town include community cleanups, event sponsorships, infrastructure maintenance and the construction of the Tuna Park.

In addition to its most recent purchase of new supplies for Helena Goldie Hospital, the company has made multiple investments in building materials, repairs and supplies over the years for both the Noro Clinic and the hospital.


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