National Fisheries Developments Facilitates Longline Bycatch Handling and Reporting Training with Assistance from the Nature Conservancy and Mitsubishi

November 23, 2015

With financial support from the Nature Conservancy and Mitsubishi, NFD facilitated longline bycatch handling and reporting workshops in the Solomon Islands from November 17-19.  It was a two-part series led by Mike McCoy from McCoy, Gillett, Preston and Associates.  The first session took place in Honiara with observers from the the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, followed by 2 training sessions of longline vessel operators in Noro.  Workshop objectives were to improve data collection and post-release survival of bycatch in the Solomon Islands tuna longline fishery, with an emphasis on appropriate handling and release techniques for sensitive species such as silky and oceanic whitetip sharks, sea turtles, marine mammals and seabirds.  The workshops reviewed proper species identification and recording, and further sensitized observers and longline vessel captains to environmental and sustainability concerns and best practices.  Species identification guides and specialized bycatch handling and release equipment were distributed to vessel crews, including line cutters, dehookers, and dipnets.


Background ON NFD & Tri Marine

National Fisheries Developments LTD (NFD) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tri Marine Group of Companies. Tri Marine is a recognized leader in fishing, processing and distributing high-quality tuna products to the world’s markets.  The company focuses on quality, sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.  As a socially responsible operator, Tri Marine has chosen to invest and to become heavily involved in communities closest to the fisheries resources.  Together with its workforce of over 5,000 employees, Tri Marine is committed to all of its customers, suppliers and stakeholders for the long-term. For more information, visit