Tri Marine announces draft report for MSC certification of the Solomon Islands Pole and Line and Purse Seine Fisheries

Certification covering Solomon Islands flag pole and line and purse seine vessels is expected to be approved by MSC following public comment period

BELLEVUE, WASH. – March 31, 2016 – Today, Tri Marine announced it’s Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) assessment of the Solomon Islands pole and line and purse seine skipjack and yellowfin tuna fishery is nearing completion.

MRAG Americas, Inc. posted their draft certification report on MSC’s website where it is available for public comment.  This follows over 12 months of assessment work by MRAG, which included a full evaluation of the fisheries against the MSC principles and criteria for sustainable fishing.  The units of certification include skipjack and yellowfin tuna caught by pole and line and certain purse seine set types in the main group archipelago and exclusive economic zone of the the Solomon Islands.

“Solomon Islands tuna fisheries are well managed by overlapping national and regional regulations, particularly the Solomon Islands Tuna Management and Development Plan and Parties to the Nauru Agreement Vessel Day Scheme, which limit fishing effort,” said Matt Owens, Director of Environmental Policy and Social Responsibility for Tri Marine. “Achieving MSC certification will provide market rewards for the important sustainability efforts undertaken in these fisheries,” he added.

Tri Marine contracted for the certification in response to demand from their customers, especially in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, for MSC certified shelf-stable products.  MSC certification is recognized by the market, seafood industry and environmental community as one of the most credible sustainability certifications available for seafood.

Following the public comment period, MRAG will address responses received.  They will then determine whether or not the fishery should be certified and publish their final report.  Tri Marine expects final certification by July 2016. 

“MSC is encouraged by companies like Tri Marine who share the important value of sustainability and transparency by putting themselves under the microscope of the MSC assessment process,” explained Bill Holden, Senior Fisheries Manager – Oceania & SE Asia at MSC. “Tri Marine’s commitment to the environment is clear when it undergoes the world’s most rigorous standard for sustainability.."


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