Tri Marine Announces New General Manager at SEAFMAN

Ramon Sierra to succeed Victoria Serrano

MANTA, Ecuador – March 29, 2016 –Tri Marine announced today that Victoria Serrano is retiring as the general manager of Seafman, its majority owned tuna processing company in Manta, Ecuador.  She will be succeeded by Ramon Sierra.

“We are grateful for Vicky’s long service,” said Tri Marine CEO Renato Curto. “She has been an important part of the Tri Marine Group of companies and we wish her the best in her retirement.”

Seafman is an important part of the Ecuadorian seafood industry and this year marks its 50th Anniversary. Ms. Serrano was general manager of Seafman when Tri Marine acquired the company from Bumble Bee in 2003.  

Ramon Sierra comes to Seafman and the Tri Marine Group of companies most recently from Ideal Alambrec/Bekaert where he has served as Executive President and General Manager since 2007.  Prior to that, Mr. Sierra was the General Manager for Eurofish, SA, which at the time was partly owned by Tri Marine.

“Ramon is an experienced tuna executive,” Curto added.  “He knows the business and we know him.  We are thrilled that he has joined our group.”

Seafman processes about 150 tons of tuna daily mostly for the European and Latin markets.  Products include frozen tuna loins and canned tuna.  Seafman employs about 1,600 at its production facilities and administrative offices in Manta, Ecuador.


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