New Technology for Monitoring Pacific Island Tuna Fisheries

For Immediate Release on 27 June, 2014

The second of two fishing trips is now underway to test new technology for monitoring catches of vessels fishing in Pacific Islands.  Two Chinese Taipei flagged tuna longliners were fitted with video electronic monitoring systems in early March before fishing in the Solomon Islands EEZ (exclusive economic zone) for a trip of almost 80 days.  The vessels then called into Suva, Fiji to offload their catch and resupply, allowing the opportunity to collect the data from the systems and make minor adjustments to the equipment before the vessels returned to the fishing grounds. 

Video camera mounted onboard a tuna longline vessel to record fishing operations. Photo Credit: Egor Zaborovskiy (Satlink).


The electronic monitoring system, or ’e-monitoring’, installed onboard uses high-definition video cameras, GPS and a central unit to record all events and video footage. The main aim of the project is to investigate how e-monitoring works for collecting accurate information on the fishing activities of tuna longline fishing vessels.


Screen Shot


Screen shot from video footage recording fishing activities onboard fishing vessel Yi Man 3. Photo Credit: Satlink. 

This information, including catch number and type, is critical in providing the best scientific and management advice to ensure sustainable fishing. The e-monitoring data collected from these first trips is now being analysed by experienced longline fisheries observers. The analysis will take twenty working days for each vessel. The ‘dry’ observers will record all aspects of the fishing activity, including identifying fishing locations, the catch composition, and the fate of any bycatch taken.

Tri Marine and NFD are proud to provide financial and logistical support to this important project in partnership with the boat owner, FFA, SPC, MFMR, and ISSF.

Satlink S.L. is a Spanish company headquartered in Madrid with a presence in Vigo, Seychelles, Ecuador and Honiara. Satlink S.L designs and develops products and solutions for the tuna industry and fisheries authorities . SeaTube is a powerful electronic observer system designed to record and monitor fishing activities aboard any vessel. SeaTube utilizes HD cameras on board and land based review systems to analyse video data and track vessel activities.

Background on NFD & Tri Marine

National Fisheries Developments LTD (NFD) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tri Marine Group of Companies. Tri Marine’s business includes fishing, procurement, processing, and trading of tuna and other seafood products. A privately held company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Tri Marine has offices in 14 countries with 12 processing plants strategically located around the globe.   The company’s fleet of 21 fishing vessels operates primarily in the Western Pacific, ten based in American Samoa.  Since its founding in 1971 in Singapore, Tri Marine has grown to be one of the largest tuna supply companies in the world serving well-known CPG brands as well as processing plants and fishing companies.