Company - The People Behind Tri Marine

At Tri Marine, we strive to be the preferred supplier of tuna and tuna supply-related services to the leading tuna brands worldwide. This means also working to help manage and protect tuna as a natural resource.


Tri Marine leads the industry working with business leaders, governments and regulators to insure the sustainability of tuna resources and promote the health benefits of tuna consumption.

Tuna Supply Expert

The right combination of fishing fleets, processing plants, and global organization makes Tri Marine a comprehensive and reliable supply partner for tuna and tuna products.

Tri Marine's contract and owned fishing fleets deliver their catch to our processing plants, which are located near the fishing grounds in countries that can export duty free to end markets. With enough capital, technical expertise and experienced management, we make it all work together for the specific benefit of the world's leading tuna brands.

Our goal is to combine the economic elements of direct delivery of raw material with low cost processing and duty free access in order to maximize the competitiveness and reliability of the supply we provide.

Add to these important cost factors Tri Marine's financial, technical and logistical expertise and we are uniquely qualified to meet the most demanding tuna supply requirements.

International Scope

Tri Marine's activities include fishing, trading, processing and marketing with offices and operations in strategic locations around the world. With a presence in all major tuna producing areas, we are able to provide a flexible and strategic supply solution for our customers.


Our customers are famous brands, tuna processing plants and fishing companies.


Please contact a Tri Marine expert. You can also contact one of our offices worldwide.