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Market Monitoring


Monitoring Global Tuna Markets

Accurate and timely information is critical to the effective functioning of any market.  Every business must be fully apprised of the political and economic factors that may impact its objectives and potential success.  This is especially true with respect to world-wide tuna markets where knowing the many facets of the business in many countries is critical, such as the amount and type of fish being caught, location of catches, government regulations governing harvest, processing patterns and demands, retail and wholesale marketing trends, changing transportation patterns, environmental concerns, trade rules, currency issues, and other critical information of interest to those engaged in the tuna business throughout the globe.

Tri Marine is uniquely positioned to acquire and assess information about global tuna markets with offices in 12 countries and employees with extensive experience in harvesting, processing and marketing tuna and tuna products.  On a daily basis, Tri Marine keeps its finger on the pulse of global tuna markets.


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