Tri Marine Activities Overview

Tri Marine is a global company with high level tuna supply executives located in the major tuna markets around the world. The international team is uniquely positioned to keep abreast of the constantly changing market

These executives can help you to optimize supply solutions, conduct seamless trade, satisfy your customers, access the latest market information, and maximize your performance.

Our internally coordinated activities in fishing, trading, processing, chartering, logistics, international finance, and other disciplines - supported with the right amount of capital and strategic planning- work to provide a reliable and economical supply of tuna raw material and tuna products to the leading companies of the global tuna industry.

Our activities include:

Market Monitoring —

understanding the dynamics of the tuna market and the changing needs of boat owners, processors and brands.
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Production Planning —

working with management to optimize the production plan for processing plants.
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Voyage Planning —

optimizing the cost of ocean freight and the transshipment availability for fishing boats.
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Logistics —

arranging for shipments, transshipments and delivery according to customer requirements.
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Trading —

global trade in all of the major markets for tuna raw material for canning.
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Quality Assurance —

monitoring quality according to our customer’s specifications.
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Financing —

helping brands to minimize working capital requirements.
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Consultation and Development —

helping to extend procurement and production resources.
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Please contact a Tri Marine expert. You can also contact one of our offices worldwide.